3 day community development programme in Milak Tehsil


Hindustan Talks organised a three day long workshop in August 2014in Vidyamandir School in Tehsil Milak of Rampur district, Uttar Pradesh in which 36 people participated actively of age group 14-42 years.
We made them aware of various government schemes which they could avail and improve their standard of living.
We taught them public policy, advocacy and also to file RTI and familiarized them with the whole process.
After this training , Problem Solving Camp was also organized in which the people whom we trained earlier were made to sit and to listen and solve the problems of common villagers. In few cases trainees wrote applications, filed RTI to resolve the issues of villagers.
There was a boy named Ajay among the trainees, at that time he was in 9th class and he helped in resolving the issue of Ration in village by filing RTI, he got so encouraged during the training that he started participating in every development related work in his village. He started working at Panchayati level and played a very important role in the village development.
If we influence youth for participating in development and related work, we make an invincible and strong nation.

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