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Hindustan talks is a not-for-profit organization working in India, focusing on alleviating poverty and social injustice. We do this through well planned and comprehensive projects in health, education, livelihoods and community development and response. Our overall goal is the empowerment of villagers specially women and girls from poor and marginalised communities leading to improvement in their lives and livelihoods.


We envision a society which creating value with its skillset working as a well integrated group. A strong and self reliant is at the top of our scheme of things, where each person is counted and valued equally. To achieve a highly productive social group, we intend to bring quality education and traning facility to upgrade the skill set of the people who are lagging behind. We want to harness the potential of people who are unaware or find the current technology as unaffordable in their current profession. There are people who are working hard but not earning what they deserve, we intend to tap their true potential by connecting them to the market.


Hindustan Talks envisions a strong rural India with a well integrated community and developed villages. We aim to take along all sections of society, irrespective of their financial status and occupations, and making them financially independent. A healthy society, efficient with their skills, enterprising with their occupations and adding value to rural economy thus making a model village which self reliant and self sufficient is our goal.
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